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Relief I felt overnight

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I learned a lot from your seminar last time here in Maxima. Actually, I have not consulted any doctor yet about my urinal problem though I really experienced some as mentioned in your survey which I checked. Glad I tried your product. Relief I felt overnight.

Christiane B. Cerezo
Mktg. Asst. – Maxima Machineries Inc.
November 5, 2009

My urine was clearer (white color)

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I tried it for 2 consecutive days since the sample is only 2 pcs.  I took 1 capsule a day for prevention to UTI. I observed that my urine was clearer (white color) than before which is a bit yellowish.  Also, I felt a relief on my urinating.

Shangrila Yap
Maxima Machineries Inc.
November 5, 2009

It is cure, preventable, and fast relief

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Yes I need it! I‘ll already used it since 2007 up to now when I have encountered my UTI. I read it on the newspaper then I try to use it. It is cure, preventable & fast relief. I’ll take 2 tablets a day for remedy.

Carol Millet

Quality Assurance Department-2nd Floor
Red Ribbon Bakeshop, Inc.
October 1, 2009

Infections 'speed memory loss'

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Senior citizens are a high risk group for urinary tract infection and recent research has found there’s even more reason to protect against UTI as the BBC reports:

“Infections outside the brain may speed memory decline in Alzheimer’s disease, UK researchers say. In a study of 222 elderly people with Alzheimer’s they found that getting infections in places like the chest or urinary tract could double memory loss.”

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Antibiotic Resistant Urinary Tract Infection on the Rise

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EmpowHer – Women’s Health Online reports:

“Antibiotic resistant ‘superbugs’ are a growing concern in all areas of health care. Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, or MRSA, is one of the deadliest. In a recent meta-analysis of 30 studies, the average mortality rate from MRSA infection was 36 percent.”

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